We bring the “Art Studio” to you!
Spend an afternoon creating something special!
One-of-a-kind items with professional finishing's

and your style.

Find out more!
Call us @.
(631) 865-7432


We create design events for small or large groups.

The perfect activity to make your next event memorable!

Birthday parties, family reunions, church groups, schools, clubs, recreation centers, girl/boy scout troops,
community fairs & festivals, sports teams, day hab centers, senior centers or a “girls-night-in”.

We can even customize projects to include your message, name or logo!
A great theme for fund raising events.  'Craft for a Cause' ...then sell or auction the art pieces created!
Host family and group events for gift-giving holidays - Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, December Holiday Season.

We have developed special techniques that simplify the process and allow people of
to produce stunning works of art and fine hand crafts.

Create a meaningful gift for yourself or someone else.

Call us for more information. (631) UNLEASH (631) 865-3274

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